Sunday, February 15, 2004

Visiting ol' Lou Minatti's site reminded me of Art Bell who's radio show I used to listen to while working the graveyard shift at the airport. Art had to take an early retirement from the radio show due to an old back injury which came back to haunt him later in life. To sit in his studio for long periods of time causes intense pain so he had to give it up. He still appears from time to time I understand but, for me at least, the show just isn't what it used to be. The current host, George Noory, is an okay guy but doesn't have the personality and sense of humor Art brought to all of the topics. Here's a link to the site:


I enjoy the topics of paranormal studies which the show covers and am open minded enough to entertain the ideas many of the guests bring up but not so open minded to fall for every far fetched theory or prank someone calls in to pitch. Despite what some of his detractors said about him, Art didn't take every single guest and caller seriously either and would have a little fun at the expense of the ones that were obviously either way out there or trying to pull a hoax on everyone. He would even poke a little fun at himself from time to time and this sense of humor is what made the show enjoyable for me.

George Noory and the guy before him (I can't remember his name) who hosted the show while Art was taking care of family matters due to an attack on his son...As hosts they are okay but to me the humor is gone, the show is too dry and serious. It's just not as much fun to listen to as it used to be when Art was hosting full time.

Also, back in the old days when Art did the show and Keith Rowland ran the website you could listen to the show live through the website or listen to archived shows going back for years free of charge. Now this is a subscription service which in these tight financial times I'm not willing to pay for. Since I no longer work midnights and am not going to pay to listen to a show that's not as entertaining as it once was I'm really not sure what's going on these days with it. It might well be that if I were to listen in for a few shows my opinions might change. It's still interesting to drop by the site and see the pictures and stuff though. I'd still take it all with a grain of salt though.

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