Thursday, February 12, 2004

I got an invitation today to join this group and almost deleted it but after dropping by their website and reading some of the conversations going on I found them rather interesting so I thought I might stick around awhile and observe them ;-).

Yahoo! Groups : Fellowship_Of_Observism

Anyway, today Emily is going to H&R Block to see about getting her taxes done and I am going to work out in the back yard fixing some holes in the fence so Tip (Our Dog) doesn't get out, trimming back the rose bushes, cutting down the box shrubs next to the deck so we can transplant them between the storage building and the swingset and bundling up more of the brush pile to be hauled away. This is the first day without rain we've had in awhile so I thought it might be the best chance I get for awhile to get these things done.

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