Thursday, December 17, 2009

Okay folks, Friday night is the big night for Winter Solstice Celebration 2009 and for those who may not be familiar with my character "The Boogeyman" and what he's all about I thought I might provide some background. The Boogeyman is a "scapegoat" like character or rather the cloak of rags he wears is the actual scapegoat and he's just a cranky old man who is annoyed by all the people pestering him wanting to touch his cloak and unload all of their negativity, bad deeds or sins of the year. Sometimes he might even chase you a little bit. Touch the cloak if you dare but not The Boogeyman himself lest some of that negativity might bounce back on you.

History is full of scapegoat characters which absolved people of their misdoings be it the Pharmakos of ancient Greek religion, the original "scapegoat" of the Old Testament ritual of Yom Kippur which was symbolically burdened with the sins of the Jewish people then cast out to rid the nation of its iniquities or the Roman Lupercalia in which priests (Luperci) cut thongs from the sacrificial animals (goats and a dog), then raced around the walls of the old Palatine city, striking women (especially) as they passed with the thongs. A blow from the hide of the scapegoat was said to cure sterility. In early Roman law an innocent person was allowed to take upon himself the penalty of another who had confessed his own guilt. (Source Britannica Online)

There's even a wildly popular story of a dude that was made into a scapegoat to absolve a whole lot of people of their sins. They nailed him to a cross or something I hear. NONE OF THAT FOR ME THANKS! Who knows, maybe that's why The Boogeyman is so cranky. Maybe he's afraid somebody is going to do that to him. In any event, like I said, just transfer your negativity to the cloak, but watch out for The Boogeyman, he might get ya!

Boogey Boogey Boogey!

See you at Winter Solstice Celebration at Cathedral Of Hope!