Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can Your Employer Place A GPS Tracker On YOUR Vehicle Without Your Knowledge? Apparently Yes.

OK the employer has a right not to get ripped off by the employee skating on time. But how in the hell can the courts agree that an employer can GPS BUG MY PERSONAL VEHICLE and it be ok?

Though the case is headed to the Supreme Court in a few months, police currently have the legal right to place GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of suspected perps. But are employers able to do the same to their employees when they suspect foul play?

According to the NY Appeals Court and Magistrate David Noce, a Missouri federal judge, the answer appears to be “yes.” In both the New York and Missouri court cases, defendants were fired from their positions for forging time and expense sheet...

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  1. At what point does an employer's right to an honest day's work for their pay encroach upon an employee's right to privacy? I would say when I punch out for the day and am off duty my time is my own. But then, I am paid hourly. What about salaried positions? If a company is providing a vehicle then they have every right to monitor that vehicle's whereabouts but a private vehicle?