Tuesday, February 17, 2004

TutorGig.com - The Tutorial Website

This is an interesting website. I happened upon it while doing a search for information on wood burning. Not, wood burning as in putting logs in your fireplace and such which is what I ended up with a lot of in the search results but as in burning words and designs into wood for decorations or signs and such. I have a wood burning kit I plan to practice with so I can decorate some of the frames I plan to build for Emily's paintings as well as to carve and decorate some furniture and shelving pieces for us to use around the house and maybe to sell.

Anyway, the site has LOTS of categories to find books, courses, online tutorials and all sorts of references to learn about whatever might interest you. Most of the topics seem to pertain to computer and software tutorials which leads me to believe that is where the site got it's start but has since branched into other topics. This might be a good place to bookmark and watch.

Just checked the mail and AMFA has once again sent materials wanting me to vote for them to replace the T.W.U. as my union. Despite the bad dealings I've had with the T.W.U. in the past I'm not convinced A.M.F.A. would give me a fair shake either. I do, however, find it good to see that there is someone out there to remind the TWU that they are replacable and can't get away with treating their membership like they don't matter without expecting potential consequences.

For now at least, I prefer to stick with the devil I know. Besides, they are making noises again about starting the apprenticeship program we've been hearing about for years. Maybe it will actually happen this time. Only time will tell.

I might go into more detail on this in a future entry. It is a topic I feel a need to vent about. For now, I need to scarf down some lunch and get ready for work!

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