Friday, July 29, 2011

Flock A Friend For Charity!!

Yes, that's not a flamingo, it's a toucan.

Heard about this one on Moonlady News ya'll http://

There is a flock of pink flamingos moving around North Texas while we sleep. You may wake up one morning this summer to discover you have been "flocked" for a great cause.

The National Autism Association of North Texas is having a summer fundraiser that allows anyone to call in and have a friend or neighbor"flocked" for any size donation! Four dozen pink yard flamingos will appear in their yard overnight along with a sign announcing they have been "flocked" for charity-there is a # for them to call to find out who flocked them where they can donate and also have the flock moved to another location if they want to join in the fun.

They of course do not have to donate, but I am surprised at the generosity of most people. To find out more on the non profit NAA-NT and autism please visit their website or contact 214-684- 8940 to have someone "Flocked" for charity!

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