Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prepper Links and Stuff

So, because I don't believe the current economic model we've been running under for the past few decades is going to be sustainable for much longer and at some point the problem's our leader's (both the dog and pony show that we "elect" once in awhile to sit in political offices and the deep pocketed "captains of industry" who own them and tell them how things are really going to be run), anyway, those problems will eventually come home to roost and we (the majority of working class Americans) will likely see a huge change in our standard of living. Not to mention the poisons now being sold to us that they call foods and medicines in the stores.

For quite some time Em' and I have been looking at getting some land out in the country and setting up a homestead that works more the way my grandparents farm down in Whitney used to run but with some modern touches. We would like to use some forms of permaculture to grow our own food, produce our own energy and water and generally live off the land save for a few things which we can't produce ourselves. We think this will provide us with a much healthier, happier and sustainable lifestyle than the use it once and throw it away culture that predominates today.

To that end I have been spending a lot of time lately learning more and more about foraging, gardening, preserving food, etc. and have been learning a lot of really cool things that I would like to share here. To start off, here are some links I would like to recommend real quick:

The Survival Podcast - Jack Spirko does a daily podcast in which he talks about things you can do to prepare if times get tough, or even if they don't. Well worth listening to at some point in your daily routine. I have been listening on my commute to and from work.

Prepper Podcast Network - Jack's show is carried along with several other great shows on this network. So it you want more you can find plenty here.

Merriwether's Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Texas and the Southwest - A great place to learn about the many useful plants that you might see, trample on, pull up and throw away or otherwise disregard that actually have some great uses.

That's just a few to get started but I also have more I will post later on subjects such as aquaponics, hugelkultur, rocket mass stoves and heaters, etc. But for now, I need to get down to the Downtown Arlington Farmer's Market to grab some grub.

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