Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The hoop is more than just a circle. It is a three-dimensional object. It has a continuous wall that flows from the center, out, and around. The geometrical shape this creates is called the “torus”. When dealing with the hoop as an object to dance with, it is important to be aware of every inch of that torus; the inner wall, the outer wall, the edge, the entire surface.

The word “torus” is also sound similar with my zodiac sign “Taurus”, the sign represented by the bull. I am constantly at odds with my stubborn and fixed bull energy while attempting to connect to spirit. The hoop helps me smooth out my rough edges and find a quicker path to that connection, as well as aiding in finding life direction. The Taurus energy gets channeled through the torus that is the hoop.
Hooping Entertainment and Dance in Texas

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