Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green tomato pie, green tomato soup, green tomato bread and fried green tomatoes!

We ate them all around here this week. Our tomato plants which languished in the backyard for most of the season and didn't produce much exploded into a tomato frenzy in November and just wouldn't stop. We even tried to give some away but unfortunately no one came to get them but ever resourceful, my wife Eme went online and found tons of recipes for things you can make with green tomatoes. I wonder how a green tomato salsa would be? Maybe next year, but anyway, all of these creations were just awesome and not the usual fare you'll get at the store or from a restaurant for that matter. That's the beauty of growing your own stuff. Not only is the flavor better but you can create all kinds of great dishes that you wouldn't otherwise get to try. Next year we're planning to try out the plan used by some folks up in Chicago who used old, discarded kid's wading pools to make huge planters and grew vegetables on the roof of a building.

No! We're not going grow our garden on the roof of the house, we'll plant them in the back yard but we figure the pools will help us separate the plants somewhat from weeds that might invade and make them easier to maintain. Also, we shouldn't have to dig too deep to get to our potatoes, carrots, radishes and such. I also recently read up on growing spinach in pots indoors. Plus did you know about this neat planter that lets you grow small tomatoes indoors as a hanging basket?

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