Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guitars not Guns new DFW chapter seeks Guitar teacher/volunteers


Guitars not Guns is an established 501(c) (3). We provide guitars and guitar lessons during 8 week sessions to children at risk in the 8-18 age range that normally wouldn’t experience the joy of music via lessons due to their family’s financial situation.
From the Guitars not Guns national web site our goal is clear:
“Using music as a catalyst we encourage children and teens to use their creativity to foster personal development and to help divert them from self-destructive influences such as drugs, alcohol and gang-related activities. By providing free guitars and lessons we hope to engage their creative potential and help them achieve their dreams.”
Studies have proven the benefits of studying music and for a population that is growing due to the world economy it’s more critical than ever that children are given healthy, uplifting experiences. And you never know who the next Stevie Ray or Bonnie Raitt could be! Classes are just forming so location and day/time of first class will be based on teacher and student schedules.

After a brief orientation/training the time required is approximately one hour of class time for the 8 week class session.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about GnG.

Thank you

lila lila Williams
972 231 8085214 717 0223 mobile

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