Saturday, May 22, 2004

Still Dreaming The Impossible Dream

I've decided to take things in a new direction and in so doing I've removed a number of the posts and articles I wrote in the past because they reflect a different perspective on things than the one I have now. As many of those who read me know I am a Plant Maintenance Man (P.M.M.)who has been working for American Airlines since December 23rd, 1989 and am a member of the Transport Workers Union (T.W.U.) Local 513. There have been some issues regarding the T.W.U., the apprenticeship program which, if implemented, will allow P.M.M.s to upgrade to become full mechanics, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (A.M.F.A.) and general attitudes of some of my co-workers which I have written about in the past and will continue to write about but I want to rewrite things from this new perspective which has been given to me after some discussions with people who have been very helpful and informative, some observations I've made of the actions of my co-workers and some deep reflections both mentally and spiritually.

I still think it is important to point out the actions of the past so that things can be put into perspective for those who read what I have to say in the future so I will be going over the text of the posts I removed and sorting out the facts which should be presented so people have a better idea of where I am coming from and how I came to feel the way I do about how these situations have been handled.

Stay tuned for more in future posts and again, thank you for reading and for those who have called and/or written in response you have my deepest gratitude.

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